About Us

Underwater Mag is your one-stop resource for everything about scuba diving. We provide tips and tricks as well as product recommendations for your next dive. We are a team of avid divers who are obsessed about the beauty of the underwater world. We have done shark diving, wreck diving, cave diving, open sea diving, and more. Rest assured that the information you’re getting are straight from the ‘seahorse’s mouth’. 🙂

Each day, we research for the best products that you can use. We also take it to a plunge to ensure that it works and that it will last long.

From beginners to professional and technical divers, we have something to offer. We also discuss refresher tips so you can stay on top of every situation – be it underwater or above water.

Our team also travels around the world to see various diving spots. It’s always a marvel to discover new places and to witness how much life exists under the sea.

No matter where you are diving, we can help you stay safe and have the best diving experience ever. And if you have topics that you want us to discuss, feel free to message us and we’ll try to keep you posted soon.

The Underwater Mag Team